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100% Online & Self Paced

Though we sometimes have a hybrid between Classroom and Online Training, our eLearning center is 100% online.

However, it is important that our prospective students have a balance view of eLearning:


1. Training Cost is reduced significantly

2. Class work can be scheduled around work and family

3. Reduces travel time and travel costs

4. Students may have the option to select learning materials that meets their level of knowledge and interest

5. Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection

6. Self-paced learning modules allow students to work at their own pace

7. eLearning can accommodate different learning styles and facilitate learning through a variety of activities

8. Develops knowledge of the Internet and computers skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers

9. Successfully completing online or computer-based courses builds self-knowledge and self-confidence and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning

10. Learners can test out of or skim over materials already mastered and concentrate efforts in mastering areas containing new information and/or skills


1. Learners with low motivation or bad study habits may fall behind

2. Without the routine structures of a traditional class, students may get lost or confused about course activities and deadlines

3. Students may feel isolated from the instructor and classmates

4. Instructor may not always be available when students are studying or need help

5. Slow Internet connections or older computers may make accessing course materials frustrating

6. Students with beginner-level computer skills may find the whole experience daunting at first.