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Focus on understanding not memorization

The PMtutor eLearning process is designed to eliminate memorization:

1.Understanding of one chapter is a sine qua non to the next chapter: You cannot move to the next chapter unless you get 80% of the evaluation test. Another scenario we have created is that students are forced to read their guide notes because answers do not appear in the evaluation test unless the students get the 80% mark.

2.The Chapter Test segment of each chapter is designed to give insight into the courses by the immediate appearance of the answer and explanation after each question. This allows the students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

3.The guides are designed in such a way that makes it easy to assimilate the key concepts and provides lots of illustrated diagrams – this allows students easily associate concepts with diagrams.

4.Our video recordings are fun to listen to: the concepts are broken down to everyday language and experience. Lots of stories and anecdotes to keep listeners engaged and interested.

5.Our Facilitators for both online and classroom are highly experienced trainers with diverse background.

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